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Your opportunity

You are demanding best results for a convenient price. Our well-spread connection allows you to participate in wide range of programmes. You could choose your destination(s), duration, type/field of placement to make your own programme. If that is not enough we can always create new and customized ones using the resources and experiences we have including Tailor-made group trips.

This enable us to match your skills and aspirations to a suitable placement and allow you to join us when it is the best for you.

Your cultural immersion

Gone are the days of waiting at home. The variety of culture makes the world fascinating as it is. With rapid development, a day for a real sense of "Global village" will come true.

To face the world of limitless possibilities and challenges, you need to equip you with cultural knowledge. With practice abroad you will experience cultural exchanges and clashes so as to seek common development in a harmonious mutually respectful relationship.

Our Success is Our Experienced Team.

To ensure full consideration to your needs and your expectations, our rigorous and strong team develops a personalized approach that allows us to offer you, in all circumstances, the most suitable solutions.

With constant concern about the performance and improvement process, each of our employee has a good understanding in the demands of the client. Most of whom have experience abroad and understand the challenges that you would face whilst travelling to the overseas countries. Besides, we make a strict selection of consultant experts who provide updated information from the host countries. 

Proud Of The Overall Satisfaction Rating.

 Up to January 2012, we have:

 94          Programmes have been organized

 101        Programmes are being planned

 59          Partners

93% of Partners Surveyed: EA Meets All their Needs. 

In a recent Partner satisfaction survey, 93% of Partners who build relationship with Education Abroad Group say that the platform meets all the needs of most of the projects they do. They can reduce support and training costs and reduce implementation time.

Plans Our Volunteers Can Grow Into.

Sometimes volunteers just want to start with something basic. With EA, you can start it off on a basic package called EA BASIC... and then upgrade it with optional services at any time into a complete programme solution. Seamlessly. EA is the service provider you need, from basic plans through to those big jobs that you can really sink your teeth into.

95.7% Our Customer Satisfaction.

All of our members trust us and are satisfied with the benefits brought by Education Abroad Group. This is reflected in the questionnaires returned at the end of the programmes and are analyzed by our Quality Department:





Professional Infrastructure, Best Follow-up.

Despite the value of the programmes for your future, we all agree that safety and security are the one of the most important aspects when travelling abroad. Education Abroad Group promise to provide the following actions to protect you throughout the journey, so that you could enjoy the benefits without concerns.


It will be shared to our partners for placement purpose only with your consents in advance.Your information provided will be kept confidential.

For more information please refer to Terms & Conditions.


Only politically stable and safe countries you could feel the ease on your arrival. Advices of insurance, visa and medical as well as your placement and emergency contacts will be updated on your MY EA.


Each partner we are working with provides us detailed information for safety and quality control purpose.

Also we send our staffs to visit our partner organizations frequently for updates on the evaluation report. We believe a safe environment crucial for any programme.

3-party liaison

Among you, Education Abroad Group and your host organization, we have staffs arranged in certain countries to follow up and supervise.

They are there to assist with any concerns, problems, advice, and general administration that may arise during your programme.

Better curriculum vitae

Discover new opportunities
Gain valuable cross-cultural skills
Get personal statement from our team
Obtain a reference letter
Receive your EA Certificate upon completion

Numerous abroad experiences will certainly highlight your CV, especially the ones that match your study/career field. 

Also, it’s proven that bringing the experience and opinions in your interview topics will maximize your percentage of getting offers.

Travel makes you complete

Immerse into new cultures at ease
Make new friends/connections
Participate in local activities

While travelling, with different environment and attitude, people change their ways to respond to the world, and develop a “Travel personality”. 
After the journey, part of this “Travel personality” will stay and affect your life. 
The more travel experience, the more you learn, the more completed your personality will be

A good bargain

Compared with most of other organizations, instead of the fixed package services which include service that is not needed, we breakdown the services for your choice.
A good bargain will be offered according to the chosen options. Find out the price for your personal preferences, please click GET STARTED button.
Besides, if you have specific requirements for your programme, our team will provide you professional advices and well-suited plans. Click Contact.

Our tailor-made promise

You might find it difficult to find your ideal programme as it doesn’t suit your plan. Hence you have to postpone/compromise/ drop out... 

With Education Abroad Group there won’t be such problem as our services are provided according to your personal preference.

We suit your needs

Our EA Pro service allows you to change your host organization if you are not satisfied after your arrival. 

With our Tailor-made Group Trip, given sufficient notification in advance, you and your friends/colleagues/partners/ families can participate in the same programme with your shared interests.

The duration 

If you are looking for services that cover your annual programme arrangements upon your specific requests so that you can avoid duplicated procedure. Please send more detailed information by email so we will save your time and money.

For more details please refer to SERVICES and Terms & Conditions.

Community volunteers

A lot of volunteer who returned from their programmes develop the desire to help and share the experience they lived with others. 

Therefore they join our volunteer community and become Education Abroad Group’s correspondent.

Become our correspondant

Some have applied to become Assistant Managers in one of our destinations. How to become our correspondent.


Your revenue with Education Abroad Group 

Becoming our correspondent equals to our intern/employee. Depending the responsibility you can take and the value you can bring for our volunteers, Education Abroad Group will offer you allowance/payment, or discount for the new programme if it is preferred. 


Expand your network

Via such experience, you could expand your social network and professional connections rapidly and from ours.





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