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Education Abroad Group is open to any possibility. We are seeking talent individuals or teams for all kinds of opportunity.



We are seeking opportunity of mutual supports with local government. We can provide professional consultant team to assess and select volunteer candidates to meet the requirements of the projects. We are welcome to any suggestions and proposals. 

Education Institutes

Our service can be customized for your group arrangement, including exchange programmes, summer/winter courses, internship, online tuition and the rest. Please refer to Tailor-Made Group Arrangement for more details. We can always offer to meet your needs.

Environmental Organizations / Charity

As a non-profit organization, we share the same purpose with other similar organizations. We can recruit volunteers in specific area to meet your needs. These volunteers will be selected carefully and trained if necessary. To share our common interests and serve a same target, we can always combine different programmes from different organizations. Please contact us for more details.

Corporation Partners

We have been providing numerous interns, volunteers and employees to our partners in last year. Education Abroad Group will select our applicants to suit your positions. EA initial interviews will brief you with reports regarding the candidates for your formal interviews. We can offer assistance to your overseas candidates including ACCOMMODATION ARRANGEMENT,FLIGHT ARRANGEMENT and local supports to save your time. 

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