For the ones who prefer learning with tutors in person for better interaction, we provide Face-to-face Training, as it means literally. According to your actual needs, there are Academic Training and Practical Training for your options.


·  Face-to-face Training for those that require academic-related trainings such as preparation for interview, culture, presentation skills and etiquette;

·  Online Institute for those who have specific learning requests such as subjects and tutors, with economical cost;

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Face-to-Face Training


Academic Training

If you are seeking additional training to improve your academic results, our Academic Training service will serve your best interests. Academic Training covers language trainings for exam purposes (IELTS, TOEFL, BEC, HSK, JLPT and TEF etc.); intensive tuition for specific subjects.

Practical Training

The Practical Training for social purposes and employment offered by Education Abroad Group are found extremely useful if you are facing an important interview, or preparing for a journey in a completely unfamiliar culture, or having a challenging presentation, or going for an exclusive occasion. With the Training service you will have an exceptional learning experience for the later success.


Online Institute

A user-friendly online system served to help you learn with professional tutors over distance. With our mighty teaching team you could choose your ideal tutor for your study. Via EA Online Institute, you can swim in the sea of knowledge anywhere you want. To find your ideal lessons, please contact our advisory team for details. For elementary level, we design a programme according to your time, budget and requirement. The hours are flexible depending on your schedule – This is found very practical and useful for those have fixed working/study hours. For intermediate level, assessment is suggested to evaluate your current progress. It helps us to recommend the suitable tutors to learn more efficiently.


About EA Tutors

The tutors working for Education Abroad Group were selected through rigorous screening. We do the background research to make sure of their qualification. Interviews and mock lessons are arranged for evaluation so as to have the best understanding of each tutor’s character and teaching quality. What we do is to provide the best training experience for our clients.



To apply for our Training courses, please send your requirements to our advisory team. You may need to do a level test if there are not sufficient documents to show your current level. With clear understanding of your level and requirement, Education Abroad Group will provide your personal study plan with tutors’ profile, together with the invoice for your confirmation. Once your confirmation is received we will arrange the lessons within three days after the receipt of the payment.


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