If you are longing for an unparalleled volunteering experience abroad but worried about leaving your families behind, why not applying for VOLUNTEERING FOR FAMILIES programme to Education Abroad Group. We believe sharing experience with your beloveds will not only increase the bonding but also provide the opportunities to learn and grow together. When planning for the families, we always consider your family as one unit, and also a group with individuals. We will make a well-suit programme for your common interests so you can all enjoy the stay abroad. 

Children of 4 years old and above can participate in the programmes. However, we will evaluate your requirements including destination countries, duration and purpose to determinate the age limit for confirmation.

If you and your family would like to travel with other significant friends and families, please refer to TAILOR-MADE GROUP TRIPS.



Education Abroad Group’s customized trips arrangement is open to society of all ranges including students from school/college/university on holiday, sports teams, work colleagues and a group of friends looking for a truly unique experience. 

We can offer custom-design arrangement for groups of three and more the experience to suit your goals and interests. These programs vary in length from weeks to months, depending on your plan and visa condition in the destination country.


For students from any kind of institution, we can arrange holiday getaway in groups. Name a destination(s); we will then prepare for you all sorts of fun. For more details please refer to JOURNEY PLANNER. An unparalleled and unforgettable memory with your friends is only one step away.

Study / Research

A group trip of academic application and development for students or prospective graduates can be designed relevant to your subjects and research fields. We can host the entire programmes from placement, accommodation, transportation to weekend trips. Practical holiday education of culture, language learning and skills has been arranged for school departments in the past. Our exchange programme develops the relationship between institutions and receives positive feedback. Our supervisors will coordinate with your group to make sure the experience is beneficial.

Work Experience

Same arrangement for individual internship placement can be organized for a group people with the same purpose and education background. We believe that sharing experience with people acquaintance can be more motivated and constructive. For more information please refer to INTERNSHIP. We can adjust the programme according to the size of your group and the specific requirements.


A journey can be combined with joy and training if you are planning a team-building or holiday training for corporates.


For society of sport, music or arts, we can arrange a tour for match, concerts or gallery to expose your talent to public. Moreover, coaching, teaching and volunteering can be combined in the plan.

We are welcome and able to any innovative ideas for your group arrangement. Please Contact Us to share your opinions with us.


For graduates, people from career break or after retirement, we support your plan to contribute to the developing countries, with your advantage of knowledge and skills in specific field to help certain poorest communities in the world. Meanwhile, as professional candidates will be placed in more significant areas, Education Abroad Group will provide you relevant training and information before the departure. 

We also help professional individual and organization that aim to develop new business or connection in overseas countries; we will provide specific staffs to select the information, resources and channels for you, with reports provided by our expert team.


Some of our members or students (of certain age) after their programmes will be offered a position in their host organizations upon their good performance during internship abroad. If you are not our former member but seeking for an employment opportunity overseas, we can liaise with the organizations in your intended countries for your job hunting.


To do job-hunting in an unfamiliar overseas country is not only difficult but also risky. After sending out dozens of resumes you may receive nothing or very few responses. The reason may lie on the distance. As the employers prefer the local candidates who are more convenient to assess in person.

We have well-spread connection with companies in more than 150 cities. These companies have close partnership with us and trust our recommendation. Therefore we understand their requirements of candidates well enough to assess and advise you before the interview. 

We can also optimize your application documents including resume, cover letter as well as the translation (in local language).

Upon your request, we can visit your employer and provide a report about the condition of the position and environment. Therefore you can pack your luggage and go for your job without concerns.

After Service

After the placement, you will receive the offer and contract from your employer. Most of the overseas companies only provide contract in their language, sometimes with translation in English.

Before signing the contract, we can help you to go through each item on the contract and make sure you understand the content. This is important as while you are abroad the legal protection will be crucial if any unpleasant circumstance occurs.

After contract, you might need assistance to make sure all the documents needed for your work permit and visa applications. We can liaise with your employer to provide the necessary documents in time.



We provide service for travelling planning. It could either be business related, or on fun basis. Our staffs arrange all aspects of the journey including information collection, route design, price comparison, ticket reservation and choice of transportation as well as accommodation.

We can also provide interpreter, accompaniment, local guide and driver so that you will feel at ease during the whole journey. We will calculate the total cost and customize the plan according to your budget. In case something goes wrong on the way, we can always react to pass the stumbling block or propose back-up plan.

Upon request, we can do one to one service which allows us to follow up each move of your trip. Emails will be sent each day to confirm your condition and remind you of the next day. For business trip abroad we could provide visa application service (please confirm in advance) and professional suggestion regarding the local policy. We aim to offer services to meet your best interests with best opportunity.


·     24 Hour hotline support with your programme supervisor

·     Guarantee to change company if there is unacceptable factor

·     Assistance in registration to local police station and consulate if required

·     Assistance to open bank accounts

·     EA Handbook ( Survival book )

·     Access to social & professional networking events

·     Personal online consultant assigned from Day One

·     Monthly evaluation of the programme satisfaction, with career and social advises provided

EA BOX2 is valid from your arrival day and expires in three months. It is sufficient to help you settle down. If extension is required, please contact your programme supervisor for information.

Education Abroad Group saves your time in booking flight and searching for accomodation.


Before departure, being occupied by all the trifles, you may find it difficult to concentrate on your lodging hunting for your arrival. Education Abroad Group can make the accommodation arrangement for you, with your specific requirements and budget, to save your time and money for better use.

Short term stay (less than two weeks)

For traveller hotel and hostel would be the most convenient choice. Being thousands of miles away from home, although there are countless information online for your reference, there are still many concerns to consider. With the language barrier, many local hotels or hostels fail to meet the requirements to receive international guests. Therefore, there would always be problem in communication. We select the guest house for you by location, facility and price to assure you of a cozy stay through your trip.

Long term stay (One month and more)

For those who plan to stay longer, we can help you to select suitable flat and negotiate with the landlord/agent. Report of the flat condition together with the photos will be sent to you for confirmation. Education Abroad Group will find your home abroad for you.


Education Abroad Group does flight arrangement for you. Options of air lines and quotes will be given for your choice. We will also offer our professional suggestions about airline companies and use our connection to get the best bargain for you. Upon request, we can do flight changing or cancellation on your behalf (extra fees occurred will be charged separately). Your flight details will be updated in MY EA before your departure.


We assist you to obtain the relevant documents which are required for your visa application as well as guidance

·     Hotel reservation letter (if applicable)

·     Flight reservation letter (with translation if required)

·     Insurance documents (with translation required)

·     Invitation/offer letter and/or legal identification documents ( from your appointing party or individual)

·     One time courier cost is included

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