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First Class Services

First Class is an attitude of high standard and quality, which is what Education Abroad Group presents you, with the EA Premium. The First Class Services you are going to experience meet all your particular demands in all aspects. A professional team is appointed to serve you from Day One for 24-7. They are always standby to provide assistance and solutions. Consider EA Premium as your Education Butler, with full understanding of your status, we offer before being asked to.





EA PREMIUM STUDY ABROAD delivers one package service that solves your problems of the pursuit of higher education from the very beginning.


School applications require good knowledge in target schools and their requirements. The procedure is usually long and demanding. Supporting documents require good preparation and translation. To help you into the top institutions Education Abroad professionals, with their experience and knowledge, first analyse your case, including your academic level, character, advantages and disadvantages. A thorough report helps to produce a scientific study plan, to meet your target within the time provided. Assistance such as tutor screening, arrangement and exam/interview preparation is available if required. We can arrange tour for you and your family to visit the schools abroad in person to confirm our recommendations. To save your time and trouble, we handle your travel arrangement including visa, accommodation, flight as well as appointment with school admissions.


After the success of placement, we continue to follow up your progress and provide guidance. In certain countries underage students are obligated to use guardian while they are abroad. EA Premium helps to screen guardianship companies/families before your departure and communicate on your behalf if required.


Education Abroad Group is always there for your pursuit of better future.




EA PREMIUM JOURNEY PLANNER presents you a luxurious service package, allowing you to indulge yourself in completely trouble-free travel experience. What we offer is a comfortable journey designed just for you. Consider EA PREMIUM JOURNEY PLANNER your living “Lonely Planet”, which listens and responds efficiently to your requests with surprises.


Please contact us with your propensity to the journey, we recommend the best destinations for your choice. An EA handbook with thorough information is provided to prepare you well before departure. Details about destination culture, restaurants, scenic spots –all the useful information that you need is included in the EA handbook. Besides the handbook, your Programme Director is 24 hours available on the hotline at your service. Education Abroad Group arranges your accommodation, transportation and local guide all the way around. To avoid detours, we do Journey Optimization to save your cost, time and hassles.


Sign up our service, you will usher in a new vista.


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