Education Abroad Group provides services on education including :

Study Abroad Placement

Education Abroad Group guides you through the application to the schools from the very beginning. According to your specific requests and level, a right range of schools will be suggested for you. We will assist you to process the applications. All the contacts with the schools could be handled through us so that you don't have to worry about the language barrier and confusion. Our aim is to ease you with the complicated procedures and build a pathway to your better future.

Customized Programmes
For those who have specific requirements on their education arrangement, Education Abroad Group designs programmes to meet your needs and interests to reach the ultimate aim - progress and achievement. The Customized Programmes are available for both group and individuals.

To wisely spend your holiday, a summer/winter course is highly recommended. A well planned/designed course brought to you by Education Abroad Group will benefit your learning in both knowledge and culture on a fun basis. Through the course you could also built your international network, which would lead you to more opportunities in the future.  

To target the right schools for your next step in education, you should be clearly aware of your current level, strength and weakness. Student Assessment service helps to evaluate your overall advantages and disvantages. A detailed report will be produced by Education Abroad Group to suggest your information. 

Personal statement for most of the student candidates is always a pain in the neck as you can neither copy or learn from others' work, nor write independently due to lack of experience. Personal Statement Advice service as it is called "Advice", our professional team provides you guidance in writing in line with the requirement of your applied institutions. 

What matter the most is the safety and care for the young overseas students. To find a satisfactory guardian family or company is again crucial. Our Guardianship Arrangement selects qualified and suitable guardian family or company with our experience and analysis on your behalf, to assure that the young ones learn and grow with sufficient local legal support. 
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