Education Abroad Group offers internship arrangement in your preferred cities according to your requirements in length and industry. We have well-spread connection with companies in more than 150 cities. These companies have close partnership with us and trust our recommendation. Therefore, with well understanding of the recruitment requirements, we are able to assess and advise you.

Generally we offer two main package services which are called EA BASIC and EA PRO

EA BASIC is designed for the spontaneous applicants with basic requirements for the internship placement. Education Abroad Group arranges your company in your chosen country according to your personality, experience, language skills and academic background.

EA PRO is for the ones with more specific demands, for instance, target industry, company, position and interview assistance, etc. towards a clear aim. With our network in various fields, we are able to offer you the best available opportunity for working experience. However, please note that your preparation for the interview matters in the success of the offer. 

With our Global Gap Year Programme and other options, you can personalize your journey for a most beneficial experience.



· 24 Hour hotline support with your programme supervisor

· Guarantee to change company if there is unacceptable factor

· Assistance in registration to local police station and consulate if required

· Assistance to open bank accounts

· EA Handbook ( Survival book )

· Access to social & professional networking events

· Personal online consultant assigned from Day One

· Monthly evaluation of the programme satisfaction, with career and social advises provided

EA BOX2 is valid from your arrival day and expires in three months. It is sufficient to help you settle down. If extension is required, please contact your programme supervisor for information. 

Education Abroad Group saves your time in booking flight and searching for accommodation.



The FLIGHT TICKET ARRANGEMENT requires USD 1200 as deposit for your flight fees with extra USD 69 service fee only. We will find you the cheapest tickets upon your request. The balances will be paid to either side as the case may be. Upon request, we can do flight changing or cancellation on your behalf (extra fees occurred will be charged separately).Your flight details will be updated in MY EA before your departure.


Before departure, being occupied by all the trifles, you may find it difficult to concentrate on your lodging hunting for your arrival. Education Abroad Group can make the accommodation arrangement for you, with your specific requirements and budget, to save your time and money for better use.  We charge very little service fees, which depend on your requirement: 

Short term stay (less than two weeks)

For traveller hotel and hostel would be the most convenient choice. Being thousands of miles away from home, although there are countless information online for your reference, there are still many concerns to consider. With the language barrier, many local hotels or hostels fail to meet the requirements to receive international guests. Therefore, there would always be problem in communication. We select the guest house for you by location, facility and price to assure you of a cozy stay through your trip.

Long term stay (One month and more)

For those who plan to stay longer, we can help you to select suitable flat and negotiate with the landlord/agent. Report of the flat condition together with the photos will be sent to you for confirmation. Education Abroad Group will find your home abroad for you.


Once you land your feet on a new land, even with lots of researches and preparation, the culture shock and language barriers could be difficult. Education Abroad provides languages and culture training online and face to face. 

If the all the above services are yet sufficient, we can adjust the internship Programmeme just for you.   Placing your order by using our online pricing system GET STARTED you will find our CUSTOMIZED SERVICES. You can fill your detailed requests and submit them with your registration. Education Abroad Group will contact you with the best options and solutions.


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