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Education Abroad Group is an independent body that runs in non-profit basis. Without any government supports and other funding recourse, we charge you for your programme arrangement and maintenance. 

Your payment is used to cover the cost of our employees who works very hard to ensure that your programme is well organized, as well as the share cost of the system set up to provide you the first class quality service. We are sorry that the precise breakdown of your payment can’t be provided in all aspects but we will try to be as open as possible. 

The price you get from our price calculation system GET STARTED is generalized from the average expenses, of which the explanations can be founded from the each related webpage.


Initial Setup and Operation of Programmes  19%

Every exploration of the programmes and organizations in a new city requires time and money. Our local employees devote lots of work and time on development, improvement and maintenance of the valuable opportunities for our members. Part of your payment has contributed to such expenditure for the variety and quality of your choices. 

Customer Support of Programmes  21%

There are several teams working for your programme, of which, the customer service team is the main contact who you will liaise with. To ensure first class service we select only the competent staffs to follow your case and provide solutions. Your money is contributed to such teams with which your needs will be well satisfied.

Administration and Daily Cost of Programmes  21%

To make sure our communication is smooth, our local team is well connected with our headquarter, to report your requirements and request efficient responses. To achieve so, we need a strong administration team. You are charged to share the cost of information exchange so as to support our administrative operation.

Direct expenditure for your Programme  39%

Most part of your money is accounted for the support and execution from our local team regarding material, transportation, tele-communication, etc. which are directly linked to the quality of your services.

Education Abroad Group promises to provide you first class services with low cost, to meet your best interests and goals.


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